IS THIS YOU? Marketing Marcie

Posted by NAPC Marketing on Tue, May 19, 2015 @ 02:00 PM

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Helping marketing people (and their team) discover better and easier ways to get things done is what NAPC is all about. So, we crafted content to speak to each one of these people. We call it Persona Profiling and we think you're going to like it. Instead of picking English or Spanish, pick who you are and we'll do the translating!

Meet Marketing Marcie.

Do I mind spending $5.95 for a cup of coffee? No I do not because it is Friday, which means it is treat-myself-to-good-coffee day! (Yippee!) Of course the line takes forever, but it’s the (other) price I pay to swig from a cup that shows I could actually make it from a somebody on my team to the someone they all talk about.

So I take this time to scroll. I’m in marketing, so I know what marketers throw at you to get you to buy or do things. And I don’t fall for it. Not ever. (The irony here is crazy.) I tend to like to sift past the smarmy stuff because I want to hear what real people are really saying about our industry.

I want things that are new, but not “new,” like, “look what’s NEW!” new, but more like under the radar new (does that make sense?) I want it to be me who brings that to my boss first. I want the credit...there, I said it. I want to be the thought leader in my office herd.

Hang on...texting…

“yes, meet u @ that new place @ 12:45 sat. so excited to CU!!!”

If only finding the trends, and then figuring out which of them is right for my company, was as no-nonsense as planning my friend’s wedding! You book the place, the band, the caterer, the flowers, the cake. You order your dresses. Then you fill in the other details. Done. Follow the process, get desired results. Keep it real. Did I mention I seek authentic?

Hey look, my coffee’s ready!

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IS THIS YOU? Content Charlie

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Helping marketing people (and their team) discover better and easier ways to get things done is what NAPC is all about. So, we crafted content to speak to each one of these people. We call it Persona Profiling and we think you're going to like it. Instead of picking English or Spanish, pick who you are and we'll do the translating!

Meet Content Charlie.

Rolling in at the crack of mid-morning definitely gets me all those jabs I completely expect…”sleep in dude?” “glad you made it in, bro.” Don’t they know that I was here until 10:15 last night? No, of course not, because I’m usually the last man in the cubicles at that hour. What can you do? Chasing all those images and videos and getting them to the people who requested them takes time. Lots of time. Sure there’s a better way out there...but, ironically, I don’t have the time to explore them. (Can’t someone just be a mind reader and TELL me what I need?!

It would be nice, though, if I could make it to my desk and put down my bag (and maybe even grab a cup of coffee) before people start pulling at me. My team. They need me. And I, in turn, have got their backs; making myself crazy, and missing time at home just so their work is always flowing productively.

But if I see another sticky note on my computer help me...well, (who am I kidding) I’ll probably just add it to my list of to-do’s for the day.

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That DAM Conference

Posted by NAPC Marketing on Tue, May 05, 2015 @ 09:40 AM

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It is time for Henry Stewart Events: DAM NY this week (May 7-8) in New York City. Henry Stewart DAM Conferences take place several times per year, in a number of major cities. Like it, or not New York City is however the capital of DAM. Follow all the updates with #DAMNY.

Hundreds of DAM professionals (#IsThisYou) will gather to discuss, review, connect and participate in case study presentations, collaborative work sessions and techlabs. The growth of the digital assets business sector has been phenomenal and the importance of storing, accessing, distributing, repurposing and monetizing those assets increases every day. This convention will deliver what it promises: the latest thinking on how to store, access, distribute, and monetize your digital assets, illustrated with learnings from multiple case studies.

With a great line up of speakers, and a full agenda over the course of two days, this is certain to be an important conference to attend. Several members of the NAPC team will be on hand, and keep a look out for teams from Bynder and DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH, both of whom will both be exhibiting. This is a treat for us, having two of our primary partners in one place. 

Attendees can expect a great deal of topics including:

  • "A look at how to build a DAM foundation that is not only effective for the creative needs of now, but one that will stand the test of time" with speaker, Theresa Regli, Managing Partner & Principal Analyst, Real Story Group.
  • Where is DAM Heading? A panel discussing content contextualization and brand management, on-premise vs. cloud hosted or SaaS, and who will be buying DAM? This panel will include among others representatives from 3M Company, Sterling Publishing and Hallmark.
  • Identifying the Needs. Satisfying the Wants. This panel will focus on where vendors are taking their products and the ways they seek to facilitate marketing innovation, as well as how the needs of global companies and their creative, branding and marketing teams are to be fully satisfied (#IsThisYou)

In preparation for Henry Stewart, here are some helpful tips for getting the most out of this or any conference. Enjoy the largest Digital Asset Management Conference of 2015 and keep an eye on the NAPC Twitter and Facebook feeds for updates, and save the hashtag #DAMNY to follow the convention.

Not attending? You can always keep up with news, the state of the DAM industry, branding content and digital asset management tips and tricks, and much more by subscribing to the NAPC Blog.

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Certain content from within the post comes from original sources including HubSpotHenrik de Gyor and The Henry Stewart Conferences. 

Dream Internship, Turned Nightmare

Posted by Guest Blogger, Isabella Raine on Thu, Apr 30, 2015 @ 01:42 PM

Tags: research, photos, search, brand asset management, assets, Brand Marketing Management, hard drive, nyc, New York City, Brand Content Management, #IsThisYou, internship, USB

Interning in New York City is the dream. It’s the rite of passage into my industry - which is music - and I’m doing it at a company that I am proud to work for. My team has lauded me as one of the best interns they’ve had. I don’t like to brag, but I’ve poured a lot of passion and effort into my work, and it feels great to be recognized for that. And while I am truly living the life here in New York City, there’s one thing that drives me crazy day after day #IsThisYou.

My supervisor is the holder of the hard drives. She is sought after by every employee in our forty person office - whether a client wants a photo of our festival, or our social team needs “something epic" to post, they go to her. And thus, as my supervisor’s intern, the asset chase becomes my life.

My supervisor is busy. I receive forwarded emails: we need photos of happy people. We need photos of that band, but only photos where you can’t see their faces too well. We need photos of that one year when that one collaboration happened and oh, the sun was also setting, so make sure you can see that too. I stroll back and forth to a drawer that is filled with orange and silver LaCie hard drives, each holding thousands of disorganized, mostly unlabeled photos, and I go to work. I can spend hours sifting through the messes on those drives (#IsThisYou). Some of the drives are corrupt. Some, I have to hold the USB cord into the drive for it to even work. My fellow interns know my pain - they witness the searching and the frustration of not being able to find that one specific photo that you can remember you saw one time but seems to have disappeared.

My to-do list is the first thing to suffer, along with my motivation and energy. My list ranges from a weekly newsletter to making graphics for social to the most elusive research projects you will ever see. I am an exceptionally motivated individual and I love where I work, but the tedious task of sorting through a hard drive shouldn’t be replacing the things I need, and want, to do for my team #IsThisYou

The end of my asset chase usually ends with me pulling a handful of photos, we-transfering them over to my supervisor, and waiting to see if any suffice. Meanwhile, the newsletter was pushed until tomorrow, the graphics can wait, and the research projects go down on the priority list.

I know my time can be better used. As an intern at a young, innovative company, I am shocked daily that this is still an issue that has gone unsolved. I can only hope that my team’s pain will one day be a funny memory, and that everyone in our office will be able to search a few words and find the photo they are looking for in a matter of seconds. Instead, we don’t send one-sheets to clients on time because we’re missing the shot of the VIP lounge. And we can’t replace the photo on our website because I’ve already spent an entire day looking for one, and all the options were turned down. I know the drawers of hard drives are the root of our problems, and I hope I can help my company fix that.
Solve The Asset Chase

Brands Unhappy With DAM Solutions

Posted by NAPC Marketing on Thu, Apr 23, 2015 @ 08:41 AM

Tags: DAM Systems, Buying DAM Technology, DAM, technology, dam solutions, survey

digital asset management survey

As posted by TechTarget Search Content Management, a recent survey by Real Story Group indicates widespread dissatisfaction with digital asset management software, with unrealistic expectations likely a factor. The online survey was intended to obtain practitioners' perspectives on key digital and media asset management software-related themes, including common use cases, tools, vendors, implementation patterns, and challenges.

The survey was conducted by Theresa Regli, Principal Analyst and Managing Partner, Real Story Group. In the course of the survey, Regli found that "A lot of people aren't particularly happy with their systems." Further, the survey found "how unsophisticated a lot of the DAM use was with most organizations using DAM because they need a place to put pictures."

Kenny Kirsch, Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer of NAPC notes "It’s often not the technology alone, it’s the driver, as change management is the key requirement for a successful DAM implementation. If the DAM does not make people’s work lives better it will fail, and if the software does’t live up to the promise there are no benefits."

Please read full article here, where you will find a link to the survey, additional insights and suggestions for succesful DAM implimentations. Login may be required to read full article.

To learn more about digital asset management solutions, click the icon below.

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DALiM TWiST does what?

Posted by NAPC Marketing on Fri, Apr 17, 2015 @ 09:52 AM

Tags: creative workflow, video, tutorial, TWiST, Dalim, DAM Systems, software solutions, DAM, graphics


All videos in our 5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In DALiM TWiST series are now live on a dedicated channel on Flathead U. This series of videos produced and presented by NAPC Solutions Architect, Scott Tully educates and enlightens users and administrators of DALiM TWiST by illustrating the capabilities of the software as pertains to workflow engineering and graphic arts production.

Each video in the series is a run time of less than three minutes, and is sure to enlighten or remind users that there is always more than one way to get things done. Covering workflows with multiple branches, the PDF concatenation feature, conditional pauses, and the features allowing for translation of a spreadsheet into a run list, this is the ultimate in DALiM TWiST schooling.

WATCH Episode One - "Stick a FORK in it" contrasts the methodolgy of building TWiST workflows with multiple branches versus a linear workflow featuring the TWiST Basic Tool: Fork.

WATCH Episode Two - "Hidden in Plain Sight" illuminates the documented, yet overlooked PDF concatenation feature of the FilterGroup tool, providing the fundamentals of the tool's configuration and demonstrating its unique feature.

WATCH Episode Three - "All Good Things" introduces TWiST's capability of providing for 'conditional pauses' based on logic as expressed within the WaitOn tool.

WATCH Episode Four - "Six Ways To Sunday" moves away from the tool-based example and conclusion model, revealing a unconventional approach to TWiST's input methodology.

WATCH Episode Five - "X Marks The Start" turns conventional usage of TWiST on it's head, introducing SetParamFromXML's ability to translate a spreadsheet into a "run list" as well as some additional, helpful programmatic "X's".

Visit our dedicated DALiM TWiST Channel at Flathead U anytime to review and share this video series.

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Invest 60 Minutes Now, Save 60 Hours Later

Posted by NAPC Marketing on Mon, Apr 13, 2015 @ 10:08 AM

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Invest 60 Minutes Now, Save 60 Hours Later

Free_Book_Download_blue_arrowYou may be asking yourself, 'Am I well informed on online proofing tools?' Or 'What do I need to know about online proofing before bringing a solution to my team?' These are the right questions to be asking, and we have got you covered with our new Free Guide. This will have you completely informed in 60 minutes (or less).

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Online Proofing Tools can provide your team with the necessary means to simplify and facilitate you review, approval, and collaboration process. We know determining whether a solution or set of tools will meet your marketing and creative teams needs, and growth plans can seem a daunting and time consuming task. With that in mind, we put together this Free Guide. Invest 60 minutes (or less) now, and save 60 hours (or more) later.

Our Free Guide To Evaluating Online Proofing Tools In 60 Minutes Or Less will help you to easily evaluate these tools in less than 60 minutes. Not only is this a quick read guide, this valuable information will further solidify your position as innovator within your team.

This Free Evaluation Guide will help you: 

  • Dramatically decrease the time it takes to evaluate proofing and productivity tools

  • Determine the capabilities the online proofing solution must offer to meet your needs

  • Highlight important issues to consider for evaluating online proofing and review & approve solutions

  • Make informed business decisions and move forward with the right knowledge and confidence

Record Setting Quarter For Bynder

Posted by NAPC Marketing on Fri, Apr 10, 2015 @ 01:31 PM

Tags: Bynder, brand, brand management, brand asset management

New Bynder Clients Include Puma, Icelandair and Goodyear Dunlop

Brand portal supplier and NAPC partner, Bynder has announced new clients including Puma, Avis Budget Group, Icelandair, Randstad, Boohoo, and Goodyear Dunlop among others in March, lead to a 600% increase in revenue from Q1 2014. 

Byndera global brand growth and brand identy management company, closes a record-setting quarter as the company adds several global corporations to its client roster after seeing seeing year on year growth increase by 500% in 2014. Having been included in the Deloitte Fast50 in 2013 and 2014, the Amsterdam-based marketing tech company continues to build global sales momentum through its offices in Amsterdam, Boston, and London.

“It’s been a busy and eventful few weeks. We’ve succeeded in signing on some amazing brands with plenty more to come. It’s very encouraging to see how Bynder is now considered to be one of the main marketing technology platforms for large global brands,” says Chris Hall, founder and CEO. Read the entire press release here.

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How to run your digital assets like a well-organized suitcase

Posted by NAPC Marketing on Wed, Apr 01, 2015 @ 01:00 PM


“I love to pack!” said noone ever. But with warmer seasons glinting on the slowly melting horizon, we can’t help but feel inspired to do just that...pack our bags, jet off and get our vacation on. To do that, of course, we have to pack first. (Drat)

Gathering all your miscellaneous unorganized stuff, putting it into a compartmentalized space in such a way that you can 1) be sure you have everything, and 2) find and get to everything easily, is in itself an art form. It’s also a lot of work.

But you know what ISN’T? Organizing your digital assets. Why? Because there are many digital asset management systems and solutions available, offering configurable, affordable, and easy ways to manage not only your digital assets (images, videos, logos, charts), but your brand assets (logos, tag lines), as well.  

In our recent blog, DAM Market Set For Exponential Growth this new report states that “...the global digital asset management market is expected to grow from $1.16 billion in 2014 to $4.12 billion by 2019…” With this in mind, it’s clear that there is a big need for a lot of organizing and “packing,” and that there are a lot of digital visual assets in need of organization and management.

With a wide assortment of options in the marketplace, and so many vendors and systems, today’s DAM goes way beyond the broad-scope sorting, organizing, searching and managing of your digital assets. As your goals are getting more specific and unique, so are your needs.

Take Proof HQ for example; it vastly improves your proofing process, which in turn helps team collaboration through a better, and more efficient, review and approval process.

Or Bynder. It’s not just about brand asset management and keeping your brand messaging spot on, but about extending your brand’s reach globally and keeping all teams working with a single source of truth for all their marketing and brand materials.

Imagine becoming the DAM master in your company! Or the genius who brings the solutions to those who will do the organizing (and make your life easier).

You’d deserve a raise. A vacation for sure. So better get at it. Those flip flops ain’t gonna pack themselves.

Get Organized Now

Decrease your digital clutter this Spring

Posted by NAPC Marketing on Thu, Mar 26, 2015 @ 08:06 AM

Tags: digital assets, Bynder, Archiving, Xinet, DAM Systems, digital asset management, DAM, ProofHQ, brand asset management, NAPC, assets, graphics, productivity, production


Unlike the elements of nature we, the human species, are not busy adding to the spring canvas with sprouting leaves or blooming flowers. Just the opposite. The changing of seasons sets off some internal urge to declutter, organize and air out our spaces with a good, deep cleaning.

But it’s not just closets, attics and wardrobes that benefit from organization. Like your lifestyle, your entire workstyle can benefit from a good declutter. You might even kickstart a whole new level of productivity and even, yes even, cost savings! What a way to enter a new season!

If your desktop, archive system, production schedule or asset and graphics library look like your garage (pre-cleaning), then there is still some serious work ahead. Good thing we’ve got the most simple, yet effective, solutions that will help you git ‘er done.

Just as storage containers and label makers make grouping, naming and accessing our personal items a cinch, digital asset management solutions help us easily do the same for our digital files at work.

Digital asset management solutions streamline and organize to give you the single source of truth you and your team need. The right solution can actually make all the difference by helping to break down barriers between internal teams, clients, vendors and staff to accelerate productivity, and increase revenue.

Whether it be ProofHQ for online proofing and collaboration, Bynder for your all-important brand asset management needs, or a more work in progress digital asset management system, like Xinet, organizing and decluttering your workstyle will create a sense of harmony...just like that found in springtime nature.

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