Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted by Robert Sullivan on Thu, Nov 24, 2011 @ 09:19 AM

Thanksgiving Dinner

'Tis a prayer and a poem
that I have for you all,
make yourself a great life
get out and have a ball

Don't ask for permission
when you stretch for the sky,
just believe in yourself
you really will fly

Triple "L" is my wish for you
Live Life Loud
be bold in your choices
stand out from the crowd

Live your life so very fully
give all you ever thought you could,
trust your instincts and your heart
more than you ever thought you should

Find your inner drum
and BANG that thing long,
believe in love forever and ever
and forever you'll always be strong

The final thought I have for you
and you decide where it ranks,
is always remember within your life
pause a moment... and give Thanks