Xinet Goes Mobile With Elegant 5

Posted by Kenny Kirsch on Wed, Jul 17, 2013 @ 05:03 PM

Tags: Xinet, Elegant, digital asset management, mobile, tablet, smartphone

We live in a mobile world, and the odds are that you do as much work on your smartphone or tablet as you do on a desktop. When Xinet version 17 was released, it was optimized for tablets but it didn't know you were on an iPad. There was no variable between Xinet tablet access and regular desktop access.

NAPC leveraged its UX team and pushed the envelope with delivering theme-based user interfaces for the Xinet community, and we felt it was important to put a lot of time and energy into the mobile experience. As a result, Elegant 5 is intelligent and can easily be enabled for iPad. It’s more intuitive for a tablet and disables everything that wouldn’t work in a tablet setting. The ability to download a high resolution asset, for example, is disabled.

Elegant 5 mobile

As a result, the Elegant 5 experience on a tablet is not not going to confuse the user. Everything you can do on a tablet with Xinet is focused exactly on what works with the tablet. It’s the full experience without the frustrations and any added bloat. It even feels like an iOS application, but you don’t need one. You come in through the browser.

Check out our video for a more detailed walkthrough of Elegant 5 so you can start taking your work mobile.