Custom coding in Xinet: projects vs. products

Posted by Rob Steinberg on Fri, Sep 24, 2010 @ 03:43 PM

Here at NAPC have a robust development group dedicated to making the Xinet toolset more accessible, client friendly, productive and profitable for our customers, and in turn, their clients. 

But we also have a strong bias; we’d much rather build a program that is widely applicable to an industry, with a robust admin GUI so that it’s easily adapted to make your client happy. Quickly and cheaply. We avoid one-off’s whenever possible. They’re a dangerous path.

This bias protects you. It’s not perfect. You forgo some neat, cool, trendy functions that have some real WOW.

You have to work within limits, and let go of some ideas. But you also don’t find yourself trapped in a universe of unique code that’s expensive and time consuming to rework as the underlying software evolves. You won’t find yourself in a cul de sac, with no easy exit. And you won’t end up with an unhappy client, who can’t or won’t wait for resources, or who objects to spending more money.

Our job is to both deliver technology, and to protect you from technology. NAPC’s Brand Control Suite is closely aligned with Xinet’s road map. It’s template based, like Apple’s iLife. Simple. Powerful. Adaptable.

Success means close cooperation between Xinet, NAPC, and you, our client.

That’s what we live for. 

Check the plug-ins at:

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