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Is Xinet WebNative a money saver or money maker?

Posted by Kenny Kirsch on Mon, Mar 01, 2010 @ 09:26 PM

Tags: Xinet WebNative Portal, Xinet server DAM Systems, Xinet How To, Xinet Training, online DAM training

It's 2010, the worst is over (or so they say). So now it's time to get focused and see how to leverage what you have and maximize revenue. Make a list of your team's expertise and the technology you own and see what new services you can offer or what processes you can improve. Your clients are looking for what's next, so make your offering what's next! Too often companies get stuck in what they know and aren't willing to put in the extra efforts. 

If you're confused – NAPC offers refresher training, online video how-to's ( and free 1 hour training webinars every other Friday. 

I have leveraged the Xinet WebNative Suite in a couple of large advertising agencies, saved thousands in freelance and created six figure new revenue streams.  Now it's your turn - we at NAPC want to hear about your success stories; not read about the client you lost.

The Better DAM Mouse Trap

Posted by Kenny Kirsch on Tue, Dec 01, 2009 @ 11:28 AM

Tags: Change Management, Buying DAM Technology, online DAM training

Here comes 2010 and now is the chance for your organization to leap into the new year with new services and more value.

You thought the hard part was getting the money to buy the technology. The truth is that developing sustainable efficiencies and business models with the technology is harder. It takes leadership and a push for change management. I see many clients talk about all the great things they are going to do with the technology they are going to buy (or bought) – but they rarely do. I recommend making this your New Year's resolution (I hate them too). Think about how to make a few minor changes to your companies bottom line by using the Digital Asset Management system you invested in. Perhaps you have a new online DAM training effort to get your team on board, or have some clients in for a show and tell.

In the coming year – demands will be high to offer better services to your clients. It's a perfect time to deliver the Better DAM Mouse Trap.